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Labrador Retriever Wins Rescue Dog Of The Year In The UK


Labrador Retriever Wins Rescue Dog Of The YearEdward, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever, was crowned Rescue Dog of the Year in the UK.

The Lab and his owner, Wendy Hopewell, have raised more than $18,000 since he was adopted from the East Midlands Labrador Rescue two and a half years ago.

“I nominated Edward for the prize online, which asked for a picture and 150 words on why he should win. He was chosen out of thousands of other dogs,” said Wendy.

The pair from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, England star on the cover of Dogs Today magazine this month as one of the many prizes the Labrador won.

“I’m very proud of what we’ve achieved. Winning the award was brilliant. The shoot was so much fun and the photographer was wonderful. Edward behaved himself but I think that’s partly because of all the sausages and chicken pieces that were involved,” said Wendy.

“Everyone is loving the cover. We’ve had great feedback.”

Wendy volunteers at the Labrador shelter during her spare time. Her biggest fundraising achievement was a cycling challenge in April, dubbed the Paw de France –where Wendy cycled 400 miles from Paris to Nottingham, with Edward travelling right alongside in a support van.

“The plan is to do one big fundraising event each year. Edward is always with me cheering me on,” she said.

“Ever since I adopted Edward, he’s become the ambassador for the rescue shelter in Nottingham. We’ve held a number of fundraising events and he even has his own Facebook page. He’s got fans in America and Australia. We’ve got to ship some copies of the magazine over because they all want to see it!”

Wendy started to volunteer at the East Midlands Labrador Rescue after the death of Lawrence, her beloved first Labrador Retriever.

She promised herself not get another dog but after a phone call from the shelter, she fell in love with Edward in an instant.

“Rescuing Edward was the best thing I’ve ever done,” said Wendy.

“I’ve been emailing lots of people telling them to go to the shops and grab a copy! They’ve got celebrity status now,” said Paul Fowkes, partner.

“It’s amazing what the organization has achieved. It started off as a few friends but it’s now a professional, international organization that is helping to raise people’s awareness of Labradors.”


Source: Nottingham Post