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Labrador Retriever Trapped Under Flooded Bridge Rescued In Colorado!


An 8-year-old Labrador Retriever who got trapped under a flooded bridge has been rescued by a swift-water team in Evergreen, Colorado.

Elizabeth Dana and her Labrador, Shakespeare, were hiking along Bear Creek on Saturday.

Seeing the creek, the Labrador got excited and jumped right in. The dog was quickly swept away by the current.

“The water just within seconds swept him underneath the bridge,” Dana said.

For the first 15 minutes, Dana thought she had lost Shakespeare — but then she heard a whimper.

Labrador Retriever Trapped Under Flooded Bridge Rescued In Colorado

“So they could actually hear the dog because he was just underneath the most upstream beam sitting on an abutment,” Lt. Drew Schneider of Evergreen Fire Rescue said. “So he was in about an inch or so of water in about a 16-inch space.”

With a support team on tethers, Schneider geared up and plunged under the bridge—going against the currents while enduring freezing cold water and rushing debris.

“I had to go underneath basically five beams underwater each time where I’d have to lift my head under the beam, pop up in an air space, orient myself, hold myself into place because I’ve got the current trying to push me,” he said.

After forty minutes, Schneider and Shakespeare emerged to safety.

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“I jumped over the wooden fence, he came out of the water and gave me a quick passing by, and then wanted to go back to the people who rescued him and he was just all about hanging out with them afterwards,” Dana said.

Dana and Shakespeare are forever grateful to the people who saved his life.

“They are amazing, they are heroes,” Dana said.

Dana says she’ll make sure to keep the Labrador on a leash.

Officials say water levels are at a 30-year high this season because of all the recent rainfall and snowmelt.


Image and article source: CBS Denver