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Labrador Retriever Trains To Sniff Out Cybercrime


Labrador Retriever Trains To Sniff Out CybercrimeIn Cleveland, a Labrador Retriever trains to sniff out cybercrime. But can dogs really sniff out cybercrime?

“Yeah. Absolutely. No problem,” says Gary Broberg, who owns Bed Bug Dog Cleveland.

Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was caught in a child pornography investigation. When federal agents raided his Indiana home to investigate, they called in a special four-legged agent.

A “tactical detection canine” can sniff out hidden microSD cards and flash drives used to store videos and photographs.

Tilly, a yellow Labrador, is Broberg’s number one dog on the job. She’s still training to sniff out SD cards and flash drives, but she can already sniff out bed bugs, bodies, some types of cancer and money.

“It’s just imprinting them on the contents and what the card is made of, because everything has its own scent,” said Broberg.

The Labrador displayed her skills sniffing out money hidden in several places in the Channel 3 Newsroom.

“Nothing else has that kind of paper and that kind of ink. So, those are the two things she’s picking up on,” explained Broberg.

“They have to have a command name associated with it,” said Broberg. “Boom! She sits and alerts to it.”

It’s not impossible at all! Broberg says, that dogs are now sniffing out cyber crimes by signaling hidden SD cards and flash drives.

“They could be in a mattress. They could be in a light switch. As long as she’s imprinted on that and she’s got a name, I mean there’s hundreds of things. These dogs are incredible,” said Broberg.

Besides that, dogs are already used to help search for cell phones in prisons.

Source: WKYC