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Labrador Retriever Tests Positive For Cocaine And Marijuana


Labrador Dog Tests Positive For Cocaine And MarijuanaA Labrador Retriever belonging to an Albuquerque woman tested positive for both cocaine and marijuana.

The tests were performed this week on the 1-year-old Labrador, Maddie, at a veterinary clinic.

The dog’s owner Arlene Saiz signed papers surrendering Maddie when the results of the test became known.

She now wants her dog back.

ABQJOURNAL.COM reports that Saiz says that she regrets surrendering the dog and contends that she felt coerced into signing the city Animal Welfare Department form, because she could not afford the veterinary costs of at least $2,000 for the dog’s treatment.

The police have not filed criminal charges against Saiz because they found no evidence. The dog owner says she doesn’t know how the animal consumed the drugs.

“I just want my dog back,” she said.

Saiz drove the Labrador to the veterinary clinic about 6 p.m. Tuesday. The dog was twitching, shaking and had difficulty balancing herself, symptoms of illness.

“I don’t have an answer for how my dog got cocaine,” Saiz said, “I’m assuming that either somebody threw it in my back yard, or she ate something,” she said.

Saiz told the vet that she had observed her Labrador eating beside a Dumpster earlier that afternoon.

According to a report at VCA Animal Hospital, where Maddie was treated, a toxicologist suspected that the Lab had ingested marijuana laced with cocaine.

Maddie is in the care of a nonprofit rescue group and is expected to make a full recovery. She will be put up for adoption when she is back to health.

Saiz is barred from retaking possession of Maddie because she signed a waiver when surrendering ownership.

Article and image source: ABQ JOURNAL