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Labrador Retriever Temperament


A dog breed with a better temperament than the Labrador Retriever is very hard to find. They are generally well-balanced, loving and affectionate, and especially good with children. The AKC describes the Labrador’s temperament as “kind, pleasant and outgoing with a tractable nature”.

Labrador Temperament – Lab’s Love to Love

Labrador Retriever Temperament1Anyone who has had the pleasure of owning a Lab will tell you the same thing – they love and love and love. The Labrador Retriever just oozes love and affection. They have only one mood and that is “Happy!” The Labrador’s famous Otto tail is like a joy barometer and 1000 wags a minute is not uncommon. Yes, the Lab is an incredibly friendly, affectionate and loyal, and also absolutely nuts.

Having a Lab in the house is always an adventure. They will keep you entertained for hours. The Labrador Retriever makes a fantastic companion dog that is sure to bring joy to you and your family every single day.

Labradors love to learn. They are highly intelligent and training your Labrador is normally a breeze. The Lab loves to please their owner and thrives on affection.

Labrador Temperament – Lab’s love company

Labrador Retriever TemperamentThe Labrador Retriever is typically a very sociable dog. They get on well with most other dogs and household pets. My Labs cuddle up with my cats all the time.

For households with children, Labradors are the ideal family pet. Mature Labs are patient and gentle; just great with kids. They love to play ball or Frisbee and have the energy to keep up with children. Younger Labrador’s can be a bit boisterous, so it is always best to supervise play with very young children.

And, whilst generally they will fit the description above, some Labs will buck the trend and be different. They will also develop their own personality and habits.

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One of the biggest draws to owning a Labrador retriever is their temperament. The breed is well known as a family-friendly dog because of the traits the breed carries. While you can never be completely sure of the personality.…

Labrador Retriever Temperament in the News

The Lab’s tail is an emotional barometer. The tail may not tell you exactly what your dog is thinking but it can give you a pretty good idea. Every morning when I walk down the stairs from my bedroom Charlie our Labrador retriever is waiting his tail whipping back and forth in a black.…