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Labrador Retriever Stars In A Click! TV Series!


Labrador Retriever Stars In A Click! TV Series!Standing on four legs with an excited wagging tail and looking sharp in suit, a Labrador Retriever will star in a new cable TV series, available only to Click! subscribers.

The name of this hilarious sitcom is yet to be decided, but executive producers have revealed their favorites:

“All Mark and No Bite.” “Fido and the Man.” “The Lawyer Whisperer.” “Paw and Order.” “I Love Lindquist.” “The Odd Couple.”

The comedy show is about a stern county prosecuting lawyer and his four-legged sidekick that he adopts from the humane society.

In the pilot episode, the prosecutor teaches the Lab the essentials of criminal law and in return, the dog teaches the prosecutor how to smile again. He grooms her into a superb assistant district attorney who sinks her teeth into every case and refuses to submit during plea negotiations.

In case it becomes a hit, writers are already working on scripts for a full-length movie.

The four-legged star, Kiley, is a trained victim and witness support dog for the prosecutor’s office. Her job description includes helping comfort and draw out testimony from shy or traumatized crime victims and witnesses.

“Kiley’s stable and calming presence puts a person at ease when a human can’t,” according to the e-newsletter On the Record.

And we agree! We hope everything turns out well for this charming Lab!


Image and article source: The News Tribune