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Labrador Retriever Sniffs Breast Cancer In Her Owner


Labrador Retriever Sniffs Breast Cancer In Her OwnerAllison Powell was relieved after her beloved Labrador Retriever saved her life. Missy, her 4-year-old pet, was able to detect her cancer.

Allison started to feel sick and noticed Missy acting weird and pawing at her left breast.

Eleven months later, she decided to get a check up and the doctors found a lump.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was fortunately detected at an early-stage. She had a life-saving double mastectomy.

Allison said, “I’ve been truly lucky that my cancer was caught so early. If Missy hadn’t alerted me to it, I might not be here. I owe everything to my little girl.”

According to her, Missy’s behavior drastically changed in January 2013. She took her to the vets but they said there was nothing wrong with the Lab.

“It was so strange. She became really depressed and would spend hours on end staring blankly out of the window,” she said. “Then she kept nuzzling me and pawing at my breast.”

Allison thought Missy was just trying to get attention.

“After months of Missy nudging me, it finally clicked what she was trying to tell me,” Allison said.

She found a small lump in her left breast last December.

“It all made sense, that’s where Missy had been nuzzling. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that she was right. She saved my life,” she said. “Because what I had was such an invasive cancer, if it had been undetected any longer, I would have stood less chance of surviving.”

Allison immediately went to see her GP and was diagnosed. Then, she had the life-saving operation at the city’s Queen Alexandra Hospital in May.

“I was in hospital for 10 days, when I came home, Missy was back to her normal self,” she said. “Her tail was whizzing round like a helicopter and she wasn’t depressed. Now every morning she sniffs me head to toe.”

Allison is now recovering and is rewarding Missy with all the “love and cuddles” she deserve.

“My dogs are my life and I owe my life to them,” she added.


Source: Daily Record