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Labrador Retriever Saves A Baby Bird!


Source: Hero dog saves baby bird in lake by rumblestaff on Rumble

Labrador Saves Baby BirdThis awesome Labrador Retriever saves a baby bird!

Jax, a black Labrador Retriever, proves that Labs are everyone’s best friend!

This adorable Lab saved a baby bird when it fell from its nest into a lake and almost drowned.

Rick Sauer was fishing with Jax when he realized that the tiny bird was in trouble.

He immediately commanded his dog to rescue the baby bird and the adorable Lab happily obeyed.

The video shows Sauer telling Jax to be gentle with the chick, and the dog carefully swims back with the baby bird in his mouth.

When he reaches the shore, he carefully drops the bird and Sauer picks it up.

Labs have such soft mouths!

They’re born to retrieve.

There was not a single mark on the tiny bird!

What an awesome hero!