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Labrador Retriever Reunites With Her Owners


Labrador Retriever Reunites With Her OwnersAfter two weeks, a missing Labrador Retriever reunites with her owners.

Ovie, a 10 month-old chocolate Lab was thrown from the car in an accident and had been missing ever since.

One of her owners, Kaylee Oliver and her brother, were involved in a rollover crash on I-85 in Dinwidde in July.

“She was my immediate first thought,” said Kaylee, “She’s my pet and my responsibility so it was terrifying.”

Kaylee, her boyfriend, and their friends search for the Lab and appealed to people to keep an eye out for her.

Dinwidde Animal Control also searched for Ovie everyday, according Kaylee.

“We got phone calls from people who had seen her on the side of the road which was very helpful because we knew where to spot her, we’ve just had so much help,” said Oliver.

Kaylee and her boyfriend went back near the scene of the accident last Saturday and to their joy were in for a wonderful surprise.

“David walked up maybe 50 yards into the woods a little bit and he just called her and she came right to him,” said Kaylee.

Ovie had only a few scrapes and scratches. She had also lost weight, but overall seemed fine.

The couple took the Lab to a vet to make sure Ovie is fine.

“I’m so happy that we could have a happy ending like this,” said Kaylee.

The couple said they are immensely thankful for everyone’s help and support.


Source: CBS6