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Labrador Retriever Rescued From River Reunites With Owner


In Suffolk County, Virginia, a black Labrador Retriever who was rescued from a river has been reunited with her owner.

Dixie was rescued from the Nansemond River on Sunday by the Suffolk Fire and Rescue personnel with the help of Suffolk Animal Control and a citizen in a kayak.

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Britney Parker Emons

The pooch was then reunited with her owner, Britney Parker Emons, at a veterinarian’s office several hours after her rescued.

“Dixie is home safe and sound and doing well! She got a big juicy rib-eye when she got home last night! She went right to sleep when she got home last night. She was pooped!” Emons wrote in an email to.

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According to Suffolk officials, the dispatchers received calls about a dog being in the river near the 100 block of Riverside Drive in the Bennett’s Creek Landing neighborhood around 3 p.m. Sunday. The tides kept pulling the poor dog further out as she struggled to swim to shore.

The Labrador was rescued and brought to shore around 3:20 p.m.

Nobody knows how the dog ended up in the river. Emons said Dixie may have been following scents.

“My mom and 6-year-old daughter always walk down to the water to play so I think she was following their scent,” she said. “[Dixie] has always hated the water. We used to have a swimming pool and she would avoid it at all costs.”


Source: Pilot Online