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Labrador Retriever Performs Heimlich Maneuver To Save UK Pensioner’s Life!


A UK pensioner claims that his Labrador Retriever performed the Heimlich Maneuver on him and saved his life.

Alan Spenser ate a pickled onion which got stuck in this throat and started choking him to death! That’s when his Labrador Retriever stepped in and performed her version of the Heimlich maneuver. She jumped on his back and the pressure dislodged the lethal onion.

67-year old Alan Spencer, was enjoying his dinner of crisp breads with gherkins and pickled onions. He suddenly began to choke as his windpipe became blocked.

Spenser lives on his own in Withernsea in East Yorkshire. He tried desperately to clear his airway, but his attempts were in vain. After about three minutes he collapsed.

Labrador Retriever Performs Heimlich Maneuver To Save UK Pensioners life (2)

Spencer said he could feel his life slipping away as he began to lose consciously. His 18-month-old Labrador Lexi became frantic and leapt into action. The dog jumped on all four legs right in the center of his back! Her actions had the same effect as the Heimlich maneuver. The downward pressure forced the pickled onion out of his mouth and saved his life.

“People will say they are only animals and they don’t know what they were doing, but Lexi is so clever. She is very canny,” said Spencer.

“She saved my life most definitely If it wasn’t for her I honestly don’t think I would be here.”

“Normally I don’t speak like that, but looking back on the whole situation if it wasn’t for her actions I would be dead – lying in that passageway dead.”

Spencer is a retired performer. In recounting the incident he tells of how he was absolutely terrified he was. He staggered into the hallway in an effort to get to his front door for help, but he passed out beforehand.

He said: ‘I felt myself going completely. I felt the life going out of me.

“I was absolutely petrified. I couldn’t get a breath in. It had been maybe I guess three or four minutes without a breath.”

“I felt myself drifting away and I knew that was it and I was blacking out. I had a terrible pain in my chest and head and I was shaking all over – convulsing really.”

Labrador Retriever Performs Heimlich Maneuver To Save UK Pensioners life (2)

“I fell to the floor and I was fighting and fighting for air and to get to the door. The poor dogs didn’t know that was going on. They were going mad.”

Lexi, and her 10-month-old Labrador companion, Nancy, both became extremely agitated and tried to help.

“’The small dog Nancy was jumping on my legs and Lexi was licking my face,” says Spencer

“All of a sudden out of the blue I felt this almighty crash on my back and it was Lexi. She had just jumped straight up in the air and landed right in the middle of my back.”

“The piece of (onion) skin shot out of my mouth and I could breathe again.”

Alan’s friends now call Lexi the Little Hero and the former club singer has been spoiling her with treats ever since.

He added: “My back hurt for two or three days afterwards – as did my throat – but I’m fine now.”

“I’ve been spoiling them both since with treats, and every time I even make a slight cough now Lexi turns her head quickly.”


Source: MailOnline