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Labrador Retriever Pal Is One Of Crufts’ Friends For Life Contest Finalists!


Aside from prim and proper dogs, this year’s Crufts Dog Show also features hero dogs! Eukanuba’s Friends For Life contest boasts four awesome doggies whose stories have captured the hearts of many!

One of the four hero finalists is a Labrador Retriever named Pal. He didn’t bag the prize but he sure is one awesome Lab!

He may look like any typical Labrador — sweet with loving and kind eyes – but for his human, Claire Pearson, Pal is a hero – her lifeline. Pearson is a type 1 diabetic and Pal has saved her life over and over again.

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The Labrador alerts Pearson when he detects small changes in her scent – indicating her blood sugar levels are rising too high, or falling too low.

“I can tell by the way he looks at me that he’s picked up something,” she said. “I don’t get any warning but he’ll lick my hand, paw my leg or hassle me until I’ve checked my blood levels.”

His job doesn’t end by alerting Pearson he also assists her to get her what she needs.

“He can fetch my glucose medication if it’s low or my insulin if it’s high, he knows which one to get,” she said. “If I’m not taking any notice he will get someone else if they’re in the house or he will bark. My neighbors know then that there’s something wrong. He can even fetch the phone.”

Before Pal arrived in her life, Pearson’s children Jake, 19 and Jed, 16, came home from school almost every day to find their mum collapsed in a diabetic coma on the floor.

Claire sunk into deep depression. She never wanted to leave the house and was afraid of what might happen.

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Now, with Pal by her side, she can go out independently.

Pal was donated to her by the charity Medical Detection Dog three years ago and she has been very thankful since then.

“He saves my life up to a dozen times a day. I can’t imagine life without him now,” she said. “My two boys were struggling and my husband’s job was jeopardized because he couldn’t take a job too far away from home because he would often get a call saying I was in hospital.”

She recalls how she got the hero Labrador from Medical Detection Dogs:

“I was on the internet seeing if there were any support groups when an advert popped up for Medical Detection Dog. I thought it could be the answer to all our prayers so I filled out the application form.

Eighteen months down the line I got a call saying they had a dog so we went to Milton Keynes, where the charity is based, and Pal came bounding into the room with a tennis ball and dropped it at my feet as if to say ‘if you’re taking me home you need to be able to play ball’.

He’s given me my life back and given my teenage sons their lives back, as they know that I will be okay while Pal is with me.”

Pal was nominated for the Eukanuba Friends for Life awards by Claire Pearson’s sons Jed and Jake who described their lives as a “dark place” until the medical detection Labrador arrived.

“Pal has turned mum from a shy, quiet, anxious lady into the bubbly mum we love to bits,” they said.


Source: Kent Online