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Labrador Retriever Named Baron Von Furry Pants Tops Nationwide’s 2015 Wackiest Dog Names List!


One lucky Lab can definitely claim to have a completely unique name! Not only that, it has won him a title, The Wackiest Dog Name in 2015!

A Labrador Retriever named Baron Von Furry Pants topped the list of Nationwide’s 2015 Wackiest Dog Names!

Kathy Warren and her family have always found the names of show dogs very entertaining. They thought it would be fun to create a quirky nickname for the newest member of their family –a black Labrador Retriever.

They wanted to the dog’s name to be both regal and fun. When Warren studied their new Labrador’s physic, she realized the hair on his back legs was longer than the front, making it seem like he was wearing furry pants. That’s when the name Baron Von Furry Pants was born.

“Every time they call his name at the veterinary office, everyone in the room turns their head,” said Kathy. “People always laugh when they hear his name and see the long hair on his back legs. It really suits him.”

Every year, pet insurer Nationwide reveals the top wackiest pet names across the United States.

Hollywood, celebrities and pop culture inspirations such as Star Wars, have all given birth to witty names like ArtooDogtoo, Smiley Cyrus, Fuzz Lightyear and Leonardo DiCatprio.

Labrador Retriever Named Baron Von Furry Pants Tops Nationwide’s 2015 Wackiest Dog Names List!Source

Formerly Veterinary Pet Insurance, Nationwide recognizes the most creative and quirky pet names across the country.

After a thorough selection process, 50 dog and 50 cat names were chosen from Nationwide’s database of more than 525,000 insured pets. The top 10 dog and 10 cat monikers were chosen by public vote.

Here are the 10 Wackiest Dog and Cat Names of 2015:


  1. Baron Von Furrypants
  2. ArtooDogtoo
  3. Rosie Picklebottom
  4. Parker the Barker
  5. Abigail Carmichael Spartacus
  6. Smiley Cyrus
  7. Nutmeg Spice O’ Paris
  8. Abraham Lincoln Continental
  9. Bizkit Au Chocolat
  10. ScuddlesUnterfuss


  • Leonardo DiCatprio
  • Fuzz Lightyear
  • Captain Pancake
  • Sir Nigel Meowmittens of Oscelot Court
  • Ziggy Ollyoxenfree
  • Zelda Nacho
  • Sophistikitty
  • Cornelius McPudness Vandercat
  • Sir Theodorable Purrsalot
  • Star Wars Steve

“Every year our database expands, and we see more and more creative pet names,” said Curtis Steinhoff, director of pet insurance communications. “Many times the most interesting aspect of a pet’s name is the story behind it, and this competition gives us a chance to share those tales.”

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Visit www.wackypetnames.com to see the photos and read the stories of the winners, the top 10 nominees, and the full list of the 50 wackiest dog and cat names.