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Labrador Retriever Named America’s Most Popular Dog Breed For 2015! Labs Hold Record For 25 Consecutive Years!


Labrador Retriever Named Americas Most Popular Dog Breed For 2015The Labrador Retriever has once again been named America’s most popular dog breed for 2015. Labradors have now held this title for 25 consecutive years!

On February 22, the American Kennel Club revealed the list of the most popular dog breeds and their rankings.

The blocky-headed and otter-tailed sweethearts who are known for their easy-going nature remained the top dog.

The French Bulldog stole the limelight in New York and other big U.S. cities.

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“The Lab checks all the boxes,” AKC Vice President Gina DiNardo said. “It comes in three different colors. Athletic people can play with it, run with it and swim with it. They are family friendly and get along with others.”

Here are the top 10 ranked breeds for 2015:

  1. Labrador Retriever
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Golden Retriever
  4. Bulldog
  5. Beagle
  6. French Bulldog
  7. Yorkshire Terrier
  8. Poodle
  9. Rottweiler
  10. Boxer

The dog breeds included in last year’s top 10 list remained the same, with the French Bulldog climbing three spots to number 6 from 9 last year.

While the German Shorthaired Pointer did not make the top 10 list,the breed came in at number 11. The Dachshund dipped in the rankings from 11 to 13 this year, while the Cocker Spaniel remained at rank 30.

Since the AKC started tallying the most popular dogs, only four dog breeds have held the top spot: the Labrador, Poodle, Beagle and Cocker Spaniel, DiNardo said.

See the full list of dog breeds and their ranks here.