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Labrador Retriever Mix Rescues Owner From Attacking Bear


Labrador Retriever Mix Rescues Owner From Attacking BearA very courageous Labrador Retriever mix rescued his owner from an attacking bear.

Steve Kirchbaum and Henry, his Labrador Retriever mix, came face-to-face with a protective mother bear and her two cubs last week. Steve  says he owes his dog his life.

The two were hiking in West Virginia last week when they had an encounter with the bears.

“I hear this crack over to the left and I look over there and I see these two small cubs, maybe 30 pounds a piece,” Kirchbaum said.

The Lab wasn’t on a leash and the mother bear attacked Kirchbaum.

“She bit my thigh and knocked me to the ground, and so I am on my back and she is biting my legs,” said Kirchbaum.

Henry immediately came to the rescue and attacked the mama bear. This gave Kirchbaum enough time to pick up a rock and fight off the angry bear.

“I hit her in the head with the rock kinda right here in this region (hitting his head),” said Kirchbaum. “I didn’t want to hurt her, just wanted her to stop biting me.”

The mama bear did stop. Then, Kirchbaum and Henry hiked almost a mile to the car and drove to a nearby market for help.

Kirchbaum was bleeding. According to the emergency crews, he could have passed out. He is fortunate to have made it to the store for help.

Image: AP

Source: 7Online