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Labrador Retriever Missing For Two Months Rescued From Well


In Bow, New Hampshire, a Labrador Retriever who was missing for two months has finally been found trapped in a well.

Labradors Lillie and Sunny escaped from their owner’s yard on the night of September 13. Sadly, Sunny was hit by a vehicle and died. One-year-old Lillie remained missing.

“It was heart wrenching,” owner Eileen Ketcham said.

Labrador Retriever Missing For Two Months Rescued From WellSource

Despite Sunny’s tragic death, Eileen still held out hope for finding Lillie. The distraught owner put up posters and notified the Granite State Dog Recovery where the following notice was circulated: “Missing in Bow NH – “Lille” is a female Black Lab, 1 ½ years, 70 pounds. She is friendly and microchipped. Missing since 9/13/2015 from Route 3A in the area of Greenie’s Hot Dogs or Dow Road. Please share her flier and watch carefully in this area. Call GSDR at (855) 639-5678 if seen or found.”

Weeks later and with no sightings reported, Eileen lost hope. She thought she would never see Lillie ever again.

On November 1, an amazing incident happened.

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The hunting season had just started and Adam Cheney was walking around a remote spot near his parents’ house in Bow when he heard a dog barking. He looked around and saw a dog trapped inside a well.

It was Lillie. Cheney saw the Lab sitting in a foot and a half of water in a five-foot well. The Good Samaritan pulled out the emaciated Labrador.

“You could see all her ribs. Her hind end you could see it was right down to muscle, and you could tell she’d been sitting in well water for however long which is probably a good thing because if she didn’t have the well water she probably wouldn’t have made it as long as she did. She was cold, thin she was shaking,” Adam said.

What’s ironic is the Labrador was found only three houses away from Eileen’s house. No one knows whether Lillie had been wandering in the area for all that time and just recently fell in the well, or if she was stuck in the well for the entire time. But it doesn’t matter.

Lillie is now home with Eileen and recovering after her two-month-long adventure.


Source: NH1