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Are Labrador Retrievers The Best Dog Breed For You?


Are Labrador Dogs The Breed For YouAnyone that has ever had a Labrador Retriever will agree that they’re one of the most special breeds in the world. They stand out from the crowd in terms of obedience, personality, beauty, love and affection. So if you’re thinking of adding a Lab to your family, you can rest assured that you have chosen the right breed.

 The awesome thing about Labradors is that they simply love you, no strings attached. When you come home from work they’re there to greet you with their wagging tail and adoring exuberance. When you need a friend, your Lab will be there, no matter what. In fact, Labs are pretty much the purest definition of man’s best friend.

Labradors are very special

Labradors are special in many ways. They are intelligent enough to be used as guide dogs and seeing-eye dogs, gentle enough to live in homes with small children. As a breed, Labs are very tolerant and handle the excitement, energy and unpredictability of young children very well.

Since Labs were originally bred for working and hunting, they’re very energetic dogs. That means they’re going to need regular exercise. If you have a large back yard, you and your Lab will be able to enjoy countless hours of fetch. But if you live in an apartment, the best option for exercising your Lab is daily walks.

The best places to take your Labrador Retriever for walks are parks, trails and walking tracks. You can also play fetch with them in the park to break the monotony of walking. However, if you plan to play fetch with your Lab in a public area, make sure he or she is properly trained.

My goal in life is to be as good a person as my dog already thinks I am. – Unknown