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Labrador Retriever Is A TV Star!


In Australia, Lua the Labrador Retriever is  a TV star! The cute Labrador Retriever is the new face of Nexgard flea and tick tablets!

Lua’s human, Danielle Butson, never expected her 2-year-old best buddy to become a television star.

Reedyvale Kahlua, also known as Lua, is now earning her keep after starring in theWhat’s New advertisement.

After seeing a casting call for chocolate Labradors on Facebook, Danielle decided to send head shots of Lua’s and her other dog, Tia a Labrador-Kelpie mix.

Labrador Retriever Is A TV Star 1

She was later requested to send in a video of the pair.

Then she got the call to bring both dogs to shoot the commercial.

“It was totally unexpected,” Danielle said.“But I knew my dogs were well behaved, so thought I’d give it a go. I’m really pleased with the outcome.”

Luaappears in the ad with a woman and little girl. They had to spend a lot of time with the actors and the What’s New crew before filming could commence.

“She was really good and settled in with the actors and the camera crew,” she said. “She is so easy going, so the noises and cameras didn’t bother her.”

Labrador Retriever Is A TV StarTia was Lua’s stand-in double, but she wasn’t required for the shoot in Sydney.

Lua and Tia have been signed with the Animal Talent Time agency and could star in more commercials, catalogues, or television shows in the future.


Image and article source: Ulladulla Times