Labrador Retriever Health and Care

Our health and care section is dedicated to keeping your Labrador Retriever healthy, clean and safe.


Diet and Nutrition

Diseases and Conditions

Safety, Emergencies and First Aid

While implementing techniques to keep your Labrador Retriever safe, learn steps in first aid to help your canine friend in an emergency before you are able to get to a veterinarian. First aid and emergency treatment administered should be followed by immediate veterinary care.

  1. Be Ready For Emergencies: Things You Should Have In Your Labrador’s Dog First Aid Kit
  2. Benadryl Dosage for Labradors
  3. Heat Stroke in Labradors
  4. How to Induce Vomiting in Dogs
  5. How To Keep Your Dogs Calm During Fireworks!
  6. How To Perform CPR On Dogs!
  7. Pain Relievers for Dogs: Is Your Labrador in Pain?
  8. Safety Reminders When Taking Your Labrador Dog To The Beach!
  9. Toad Poisoning in Dogs: What to Do If A Toad Poisons your Labrador


Puppy care

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