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Labrador Retriever Has An Unusual Allergy To Humans!


Labrador Retriever Has An Unusual Human Allergy To Humans!Some unlucky people are allergic to dogs, but have you ever heard of a dog, particularly a sweet Labrador Retriever allergic to humans?

That is poor Adam’s, dilemma in life.

The friendly Lab definitely loves people, but he is allergic to them.

Robin Herman recently rescued Adam and noticed he had an odd and persistent irritation that just won’t go away.

She took him to the vet for a blood test and much to her (and the vet’s) surprise, Adam is allergic to human dander — the same way some humans are allergic to dogs!

“He’s smart, he learns, knows a bunch of commands, he’s a great dog. It’s not his fault. We raised as much money as we can and we’re not going to stop until he’s better,” Herman said told RTV6.

It is going to be a happy ending for Adam because soon he will start a treatment that is similar to allergy shots for kids!

Adam can hopefully live happily and fully enjoy the company of his new found human.


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Image: Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue, Inc.