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Labrador Retriever Hangs Out With Bengal Kittens!


It’s a sunny day outside so a trio of cute furballs are out enjoying the rays!

Watch as Tuck the Labrador Retriever hangs out with his Bengal kittens in the backyard!

Labradors are definitely the gentlest and Tuck is no exception.

Labrador Retriever Hangs Out With Bengal KittensAs the Labbie sniffs one of the two Bengal kittens, the other kitten slowly approaches. The gentle Labrador does not mind as the second fancy-patterned feline snugglesup to him.

To the Lab’s surprise, the kitty he’s sniffing almost scratches him!

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The startled Labrador moves his face away, careful not to threaten or provoke the feisty kitty.

‘”One likes you, one doesn’t, Tuck. Now what,” the Lab’s owner says.

The Labrador stares at his human with a confused expression and then makes his choice – he snuggles with the Bengal kitten who likes him.

What a sweetie!