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Labrador Retriever Dies Inside Stolen Van


Labrador Retriever Dies Inside Stolen VanA Labrador Retriever was found dead inside a stolen vehicle when it was recovered.

The man who stole the van containing the dog was sentenced to 16 months behind bars.

Danny Fis, the suspect, pleaded no contest to one count each of unlawful driving, and animal cruelty.

Fis was immediately sentenced by Van Nuys Superior Court Judge Karen J. Nudell.

Fis will serve his time in county jail under the state’s prison realignment system, although the sentence is for prison, the prosecutors said.

The mini-van was stolen around 3 p.m. on Aug 17, 2013.

Nayo Mateo, the owner of the van and Lab, said he went inside a store to get his wife and daughter.

He left the van running with the aircon on. The van was gone when he walked back a minute or two later.

Maru, the family’s 10-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever, was asleep inside the van.

Mateo said, they had raised Maru since she was a pup.

The van was found two days later outside the Weddington Golf and Tennis Club.

Maru died from heat inside the vehicle, the windows of which were rolled up.

What an unnecessary tragedy! RIP sweet Maru!


Image and article source: Los Angeles Daily News