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Labrador Retriever Crashes Truck Into Swimming Pool


In North Carolina, a Labrador Retriever crashed her humans’ truck into a swimming pool.

Michael and Ruth Smith took Caroline, a black Lab, for a car ride last Friday to pick up some groceries. That’s when Caroline got spooked by something.

“When she gets scared she will go down on the floorboard of the truck,” said Michael.

Labrador Retriever Crashes Truck Into Swimming Pool 2

Ruth was driving when the Labrador stepped on her foot! Michael tried to pull the 90-pound Labrador off.

“Before I could we were wide open,” he said. “We were probably going 50 to 55 miles per hour.”

Ruth said she knew she had to drive straight and aimed for a wooden fence.

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“I didn’t know what else to do,” she said.

The 1988 Dodge Ram plowed through the fence and splashed into a pool.

“We hit the water and I’m going ‘where in the name of God is this water coming from,'” Michael said.

Labrador Retriever Crashes Truck Into Swimming Pool

Pool owner, John McNamara, said he was in the kitchen with his wife at the time of the incident and told his wife there was a truck in their pool.

“She just laughed at me and said, ‘what are you doing, smoking or something?'” he said.

Michael had a few cuts on his hands. Other than that, everyone made it out fine.

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“I hate that it happened to (McNamara’s) pool, but I think that it might have saved our lives,” he said.

The family doesn’t blame Caroline for the accident.

“It is just one of those off accidents that you read about in the newspaper or see on the news,” he said.

Authorities said no charges are expected to be filed.