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Labrador Retriever Agility


Keeping your Labrador active is extremely important. If a Lab doesn’t burn up enough energy they become bored and a bit of a handful. The solution to this problem is exercise. And what better way to exercise your Labrador Retriever than agility events.

Labrador Retriever AgilityAgility events are fun for owners and their Labs

Aside from giving your Lab a workout, these events let them socialize with other dogs. Competing also encourages them to use 100 percent of their energy. Recently these events have seen a dramatic increase in popularity which means finding one is easier than ever.

If you’ve never participated in an event like this before, you’re in luck. There are clubs that have classes specifically designed to prepare your dog for an agility competition. There are no restriction on breed and size. However, your dog won’t be able to participate until they’re over 18 months old.

Train your Lab to be a winner

Once your Labrador Retriever has been trained, they’re ready! The best competitions to look for are called open tests and are open to dogs of any breed and size. If your dog wins an event, you will receive a certificate and a reward.

Since Labs are energetic by nature, agility competitions are the perfect activity. Also, if your Lab is mainly an inside dog, these events will give them the perfect opportunity to stretch their legs. They also help develop the dog’s strength and speed.

It’s a good idea to stay with your Lab during their training. It will strengthen their bond with you and make their training a lot more fun. And after all, they aren’t the only ones getting trained, you are too.

“When God made Labrador Retrievers, he was showing off.” ~ Unknown