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Labrador Retriever Adopts A Baby Goat


Early this month, a woman found a brown baby goat outside of her home in La Luz, New Mexico. Checking if the mother goat was around, she found a white baby goat, lying cold inside the shed.

The kid was weak but Martinez and her daughter, Lili-Rose, and son, Ernie, managed to revive him.

They have been bottle-feeding the kid. They have also attempted to return him to his mother but they have failed. The mother goat just keeps rejecting the white kid.

Labrador Retriever Adopts A Baby GoatFortunately, an unlikely fellow stepped in. Jackson, the family’s black Labrador Retriever adopts the baby goat they named Buttons.

Today, Buttons is doing well and he follows Jackson around. The sweet Labrador Retriever is happy to care for the newest addition to the family.


Source: Alamogordo News