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Labrador Rescued From River Is Home Safe Again


A lost Labrador, Libby, is home safe with her family in Farmington after a terrible ordeal.

The Lab was rescued from a swift-moving river in Farmington Canyon. Larae Beck and family had been searching for Libby since Saturday. Her two dog often wander off their property. On Sunday morning only one dog returned and it was clear that something was wrong.

The Labrador ended up in high water in Farmington Canyon on Saturday night. It is located down a dirt road approximately four miles from their home. Luckily, hikers heard Libby crying and summoned help.  “One of the dogs it looked like had fallen down from the rocks and was partially submerged on the edge of the river,” said Sgt. Jason Sorensen with Davis County Sheriff’s Office. “It was cold and the Lab was shivering,” said Erik Borenmeier, logistics officer for Davis Search and Rescue.

Libby had found a small piece of land that was left on the small part of the river that was moving really fast.  The Swift Water Team pulled the frightened Labrador to safety.

Libby was taken to the Davis County Animal Shelter where her owners eventually found her.  “We had called Sunday — we called the sheriff’s department and they told us about her. And then we couldn’t come get her yesterday because it was Memorial Day,” Beck said.

Source: Fox13