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Labrador Rescued From Mernda Drain


Labrador Rescued From Mernda DrainOn September 26, a Labrador spent his day being rescued from a storm water drain by CFA and MFB firefighters.

Bronson, the curious dog, found himself trapped after venturing 20 meters into a storm water drain under a roadway at Mernda Village Drive.

The CFA was called to the area just before 10.30am. Operations Officer Steve Pitcher said it took a tick under two hours to bring the muddy but happy dog out.

According to Mr. Pitcher, the rescue was a team effort between Mernda, Doreen and Dandenong CFA members with support from the MFB.

A Dandenong firefighter used a skateboard, a boy kindly lent, to push himself into the narrow drain.

“It was a confined space rescue using rope lines and atmospheric monitoring equipment,” Mr. Pitcher said.

The firefighter “retrieved the dog and was pulled back up by the ropes.”

The grateful pooch didn’t suffer any injuries but was still taken to the vets as a precaution.

Source: Herald Sun