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Labrador News: Labrador Rescue Dog Nemo Competes Nationally!


Labrador Rescue Dog Nemo To Compete Nationally!You can’t keep a good Labrador Retriever down! Life is not always about winning, but rather how you play the game.

Nemo, a black Labrador, was rescued as a puppy by seasoned Labrador owner, Kristi Koltavary. Nemo was labeled “a mess” by everyone, including Kristy who says “he would shred everything in sight, he was fearful, timid and didn’t make friends easily.”

Two weeks ago, the Labrador was accepted to compete in Tulsa in the 2013 National Rally Competition. He didn’t win, but that is hardly the point.

Nemo is Kistry’s eighth black Labrador and she took up the “crazy awesome Nemo challenge” with determination. Knowing that Labs have natural athletic ability, Kristi thought that she would be able to harness that athleticism and introduced Nemo to the world of competitive Rally sports. Here are Nemo’s achievements to date.

  • AKC Puppy Star Award, a Canine Good Citizen title for puppies at less than 1-years-old.
  • Rally Novice title (2010)
  • Rally Advanced (2011)
  • Rally Excellent (2012).

There is no such thing as a bad dog! Especially not a bad Labrador!

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