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Labrador Puppy Rescued From Sewage Current In Harbor Hills!


In Harbor Hills, firefighters at Lake County Fire Station 54 rescued a Labrador puppy from the sewage current this week.

No one knows how the poor little puppy ended up in the sewage! What’s important is that he’s now safe!

Firefighters pulled double duty this week. Soon after their day, they heard the distressed, pitiful cries of a Labrador Retriever puppy.

The poor little pup was in the middle of a sewage water current. T1here is a water treatment plant behind the fire station.

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“As the water gets treated, it flows through to some sediment ponds,” Fire Chief Jack Fillman said. “So, it was in a little bit of turbulent water.”

The current was pretty strong and the little puppy was flailing around in the water, struggling to keep his head above water.

Labrador Puppy Rescued From Sewage

But the little pup is a fighter – really tenacious.

Chief Fillman described what firefighters did next.

“They went back to the station and got a ladder, put the ladder into where the puppy was. Reached down, coaxed the puppy over to where they were, and grabbed hold of the puppy and pulled it out. It was a mess as you can imagine. They cleaned it up, found a tag on it for rabies, but no other identification.”

The firefighters are determined to see that the Labrador puppy now has a good life. The dog has been treated for skin infections, resulting from being in filthy water. The pup is now in foster care but she needs a permanent home.

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The firefighters posted her on their Facebook page.

When asked what it would mean to him to reunite the puppy with his family, Chief Fillman said, “We’d like to do that. Being a pet owner, I can’t imagine my dog missing. But if we can’t do that, we just want to make sure it goes to a home where people are going to love and take care of it.”

The firefighter who pulled the puppy out of the water is named Buffy. So the foster family currently has named her Buffy, in honor of the woman who saved her life.


Source: MyFox Orlando