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Labrador Puppy Dognapping Prank! Funny Lab Video!


How would you react if you were a victim of this Labrador puppy dognapping prank?

The cute and adorable Labrador pup’s name is Chief!

Watch him and his human –who is obviously a big fan of the Labrador breed – trick people at Arizona State University.

Labrador Puppy Dognapping PrankChief’s human, who wears a very nice Labrador shirt, approaches a number people and asks if they will watch the cute pup for a few minutes.

Obviously smitten, the people agreed to look after Chief! Who wouldn’t? We mean, look at that cute little snuggle bug!

A few minutes later, a stranger approaches them and introduces himself as Chief’s human’s roommate.

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Some are a little dubious.

One of the girls even says, “Please say you’re not lying because I swear to God, if you’re not his roommate, I will find you. ”

A few moments later, Chief’s real owner comes back to pick him up only find out that his pup is nowhere to be found!

The poor guy bursts into tears leaving the ones he trusted to care for his pooch shocked, sorry, and regretful!

If they only knew it was a prank all along!

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