Labrador Photobombs Robert Downey Jr’s Photo and the Twitterverse Cannot Help But Giggle

Yep, it seems that Labradors just cannot help but be goofy no matter who they are with. A Labrador has photobombed Robert Downey Jr’s photo and we can’t help but smile!


A photo taken by a paparazzi has just become one of the funniest images to surface in the internet this year. Last month, the Iron Man actor was photographed enjoying a nice gathering with his wife, Susan, and other Hollywood stars. But it seems that viewers noticed somebody far more interesting in the background – a Labrador Retriever who is seemingly satisfied of whatever or “whoever” he’s doing.

TV presenter, Jamie East, noticed the NSFW implication of the photo and posted it on Twitter saying, “WTF is Robert Downey Jr’s dog doing?” The hilarious photo features the yellow Labrador just behind RDJ appearing to be enjoying a very intimate moment with a human.

The tweet has since earned more than 30,000 tweets and more than 45,000 likes. What’s more hilarious is the replies Jamie got from his Twitter followers.

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