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Labrador Padi And Owner Reunited At Last!


Labrador mix Padi means the world to his owner to Dr. Paul Gartenberg. Dog and owner are together again at last! It was a tearful and joyous reunion.

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“I thought tears of joy was just a euphemism, an expression, but when Charlie Gripp called me and told me the judge had signed the papers, tears came to my eyes,” Dr. Gartenberg told Channel 8 News. “Two years ago, this dog was chained to a tree. Now, he is perhaps one of the most beloved dogs in the state.”

The dog was returned to Gertenberg late Friday night. The pooch has been incarcerated for more than two months.

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“The last 11 weeks have been a living nightmare. I could live 100 years and never go through the same sequence of events that have happened with Padi,” said Gartenberg.

The dog has been in the custody of Animal Services in Manatee County since June after he attacked a young boy. Thousands of fans on the Free Padi Facebook page many defended the dog, saying he was provoked.

Florida law leaves no discretion and requires that Padi be euthanized, but Dr. Gartenberg and his legal team are in an ongoing legal to save him.