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Labrador Owners Are Most Likely Single Says UK Survey


A new survey reveals how much your dog — choice of dog breed to be precise–says about you?

In the UK, a survey announced that owning a Pug means you are likely to be rich and happily married, with an average salary of £85,000 or $136,000, while owning a Great Dane means you are likely to be the lowest-paid, with an average salary of £35,000 or $56,000.

For Labrador owners, the results say you’re likely single! Or perhaps “married to your Lab”! What do you say about that?

Dalmatian owners were found to pamper and spoil their pooches more than any other dog breed owner. Most spend an average of £28 weekly just on toys and treats. It is also said that they are most likely to own a sports car and dedicate most of their time earning money –talk about having the ultimate trophy dog-friend!

Labrador Owners Are Most Likely Single Says UK Survey 2

Yorkshire Terrier owners tend to be the happiest of all dog owners, while Labrador owners are most likely single. Or is that “married to a Lab”?

The study was conducted by Frontline Spot On, a flea and tick prevention for pets.

We’re not fond of stereotypes, but society seems to constantly findiever more ways of creating new ones. The way Christine Male, Marketing manager for Frontline Spot On puts it, it does kind of make sense.

“For many of the nation’s dog owners, their dog is more than just a pet but a real part of the family too,” she explains.

“It’s interesting to note how our choice of dog can help define what sort of person we are.”

Here’s more detail on the What Your Dog Says About You! survey results:

Most dedicated (in terms of time) – Chihuahua

Most dedicated (in terms of money) – Dalmatian

Owns a sports car – Dalmatian

Most educated – Golden Retriever

Happiest – Yorkshire Terrier

Richest – Pug

Happily Married – Pug

Single – Labrador Retriever

Biggest rockers – French Bulldog

Believe their dog knows what they’re thinking – French Bulldog

In a relationship but looking to get out of it – Bulldog

Source: Frontline Spot On

Don’t take it too seriously though!

We’re sure your canine companions couldn’t care less.


Source: IBM Times