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Labrador Owner Save Dogs From Bear With Babygate


Owner Saves Labradors From Bear With BabygateA yellow Labrador Retreiver, Ozzy, is recuperating puncture wounds and weak back legs after after coming face to face with a bear.

“I think it swiped at the dog when they passed,” said owner Lisa Webb.

Lisa Webb and her daughter Kennedy were watching television at their cabin at Eidelweiss Village in Madison, New Hampshire when they heard a commotion.

Lisa said, “All of a sudden the dogs started going crazy but it was a different crazy than they normally go when they see something outside.”

They turned to see the bear on the deck, but before the could prevent it their Labs, Ozzy and a black Labrador named Boo, had managed to get outside.

“They got out and they were on the deck and my daughter was standing there and the bear had just walked by her with the door open,” said Lisa.

The bear seemed to retreat at first.

“My yellow lab started coming towards me and all of a sudden stopped and when I looked it was because the bear had come back and was right there, within inches of me,” she said.

Lisa grabbed a baby gate that was on the deck. It was the only thing nearby.

“And I took the baby gate and I hit the bear in the head with the baby gate, dropped it, and ran into the house,” she said.

Lisa is only 4’10” and estimates the bear was 300 pounds.

After they were safely in the cabin, they realized Ozzy was hurt. He has already had surgery, and his fur should grow back.

“I didn’t think twice about it, they’re part of your family,” said Webb.

You can read the original article <a href=”http://boston.cbslocal.com/2013/09/13/nh-woman-fights-off-bear-that-attacked-dog/”>here</a>.


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