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Labrador On The Loose Finally Caught After Three Years


Labrador On The Loose Finally Caught After Three YearsA Labrador on the loose for three long years has finally been caught!

In New Hampshire, the snow was so deep that an escape-artist Labrador could no longer evade capture. The Lab is finally safe, but no doubt unhappy about losing his freedom!

The 3 or 4 year- old Labrador was seen regularly in Troy, New Hampshire. Nobody could get close enough to catch the dog and give her a home.

Last Sunday night, Courtney Davis and his girlfriend, Tiffany Bennett, spotted the Labrador running from an abandoned trailer. Disadvantaged by the deep snow, the Labrador couldn’t get away this time.

The dog has since been taken in by Carl Patten Jr. The pooch is now in Patten’s heated garage. He’s using two collars on her: one a harness and the other around her neck, just to be safe.

“It’s like Houdini, this dog,” Patten said. “That’s what we nicknamed her. She’s calming down quite a bit, but she still wants her freedom.”

The Lab survived those three years with the help of the residents – they left food outside their homes. Houdini was also seen carrying squirrels that had been road kill.

Granite State Dog Recovery is now searching for the dog’s owner. A tracking microchip was implanted in New Hampshire, but the paperwork was never registered.

A local vet, Dr. Andrew Cooke, checked Houdini and found that she has heartworm and Lyme disease and will require some medical treatment. Houdini was also given a rabies vaccine, Patten said.


Source: ABC News