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Labrador With Odd Name Saves His Owner’s Life


Labrador With Odd Name Saves His Owners LifeMcLovin, the Labrador, is a hero. His moniker may not be that intimidating, but he is a hero nonetheless.

McLovin, a four-year-old black Labrador Retriever saved his owner’s life by risking his own without hesitation. The usually calm and friendly McLovin sprang into action during an attempted robbery last Friday night.

His owner, a Saskatoon man who chooses to remain anonymous, said an attacker showed up at his doorstep around 10 p.m.

When the man attempted to stab McLovin’s owner, the Labrador put himself between the two and was stabbed in the neck. The Lab narrowly escaped death, but saved his owner’s life.

“I guess he just sensed that I was in trouble and he got between me and the guy that was here with a knife, and just took one for me,” the owner told CTV Saskatoon.

“I was actually very surprised. He’s not much of a guard dog,” said the owner, who described McLovin as normally “very calm.”

“He will protect his yard and bark at people, but he’s a really good dog.”

McLovin was taken to the veterinary medical centre at the University of Saskatchewan with a near-fatal wound that narrowly missed his jugular. He was discharged on Saturday and is now recovering at home.

Right now, McLovin deserves all the lovin’ he can get.

That’s what a Labrador’s love will do! We think he’s very aptly named!

Thank you McLovin! Get well soon!
Image and article source: CTV News