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Labrador News: UK Labrador Has Surgery After Swallowing Slipper!

Labrador News - UK Labrador Has Surgery After Swallowing Slipper!
Image: www.bedfordtoday.co.uk

Robbie, a yellow Lab, from Bedford in the UK is well and recuperating after surgery to remove a slipper.

Lots of Labradors like chewing slippers and all kinds of things.  Robbie, an 11-year-old Labrador took it a bit far. He swallowed his owner’s furry slipper AND two socks.

Robbie lives in Dunster Gardens, Bedford, with his owners Lynn and Paul Dickens. This month  he had to have surgery because of his penchant for knitwear.

The Labs treatment cost Lynn more than £1,000. She  said: “My husband Paul took him to the vet because he was quite distressed. While he was there he brought back two socks but there was still something there.

“The vet said it was either another sock or something was wrong with his liver. We panicked a bit.

“They opened him up and when it was all done the nurse came out and said ‘it’s good news, it’s a slipper’. I just gave her a big hug.”

This is not the first time Robbie has ended at the vet for eating things. He had previous surgery, after eating a sock which made him seriously ill.

Robbie has a “partner in crime”: puppy Sam apparently steals the furry items and brings them to him. Prior to Sam’s arrival Lynn described Robbie as “a gentle, quiet and dopey” Lab.

“He’s deaf too, so you can come home and he won’t hear you and he’ll still be snoring. He just really likes socks,” said Lynn, adding “He just gradually swallows them. Sometimes they come back and sometimes they go all the way through. Labradors are like dustbins and eat anything.”

Vet Jan Pain, who treatedRobbie said: “We x-rayed his tummy and thought there was something still in his stomach so after discussion with the owners elected to operate to find out if we could help him. We removed a whole, large furry slipper from his stomach. How he managed to swallow this is still a mystery, and it had been missing for a couple of weeks.

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