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Labrador News: Rocky The Labrador Mix Honored For Rescuing Drowning Girls From Icy River [VIDEO]


Rocky The Labrador Mix Honored For Rescuing Drowning Girls From Icy RiverRocky is one brave dog. This Labrador and his owner  jumped into icy waters to save two drowning girls in Edmonton on Sunday, the Calgary Herald reports.

 “He’s my hero, he saved me,” Samara Sunshine told CTV News about the heroic dog and his owner.

Adam Shaw spotted sisters Krymzen, 10, and Samara, 9, in the North Saskatchewan River while hiking nearby with his wife and dog.

“I looked down to see one young girl floating in the river and her sister trying to pull her out,” Shaw, 27, told CBC. He managed to pull Krymzen out of the water, but couldn’t reach Samara.  She couldn’t move her arms or legs to swim toward the ice.

When Shaw moved closer to her the ice crumbled beneath him and Rocky, plunging dog and owner into the river. They got back to shore and found the 9-year-old downriver, the Calgary Herald reports.

Shaw sent Rocky back into the frigid water and this brave Labrador complied.  The girl grabbed onto the dog’s leash and was pulled to safety.

Firefighters met the girls on shore. Samara was “barely conscious and very hypothermic. She could barely talk,” Michael Tucker, spokesman for the Edmonton Fire Rescue Services told the Ottawa Citizen. Both girls are reportedly doing fine, Cory Sunshine, the girls’ father told CBC.

Sunshine said his daughters were sledding in a nearby park while the family was preparing for Easter dinner, he told CBC. Edmonton authorities are still unclear on how the girls landed up on the ice citing curious exploration as a potential factor, CTV News reports.

“It’s lucky that this citizen happened along when he did, because you’re not going to last very long in that cold water at this time of year,” District Fire Chief John Bower told the news outlet.

Shaw and Rocky’s actions aren’t surprising for those close to them.

“He’s a terrific dog. He’s very adventurous, always in and out of the water,” Shaw said about his eight-year-old dog. “I knew he could jump in the water and swim back no problem.”

Shaw’s wife, Kelsey praised her husband’s bravery.

“He would never let someone be in need and not help,” she said. “It was nothing short of a miracle to be able to get to the other little girl.”

The girls’ mother, Miranda Wagner, is grateful for Shaw’s heroic act and hopes to meet him.

“I would just hug him, and tell him he’s my hero,” Wagner told CTV News. “If he wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have my girls.”