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Labrador News: Navy SEAL’s Loyal Labrador Inspires NCIS Episode

Navy SEAL's Loyal Labrador Inspires NCIS Episode
Photo: Lisa Pembleton, Getty Images

This touching image of Hawkeye, a Labrador, at his owner’s funeral in Aug 2011 inspired last week’s episode of NCIS.

The image was taken at the funeral of Petty Officer Jon T. Tumilson, Hawkeye’s owner. The Labrador’s loyalty to his owner at the funeral was visible, as he laid down by the casket during the entire service.  The image prompted people around the world to comment on its depiction of faithfulness, companionship, bravery and duty.

NCIS has joined the many inspired by the image.

This episode opened with a soldier and a mine-sniffing dog in Afghanistan. They look on as a boy’s soccer ball rolls onto a live mine, that explodes. After soldier and dog lead the boy to safety, a sniper shoots the soldier. The Labrador dog lies at the side of his fallen master. Later, special agent Gibbs, says of the Labrador star, Dexter, “He’s not a dog. He’s a Marine.”

In the TV show, Mark Harmon appears in a scene where the wife of a Marine who specialized in K-9 bomb detection urges the NCIS team to investigate the recent death of her husband in Afghanistan.

The episode reminds us all of the sacrifices made by members of the military and their families. It is dedicated to working military dogs and their handlers.

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