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Labrador News: Labrador Mix Saved After Being Weighed Down To Drown In River


SerendipitySerendipity, a Labrador mix, was left to drown. Thankfully, she was saved by a good Samaritan.

The Parke Vermillion Humane Society called her rescuer, Troy Jones, a hero.

How the dog got thrown into the water may never be known. The shelter is simply celebrating the brave dogs life.

“It wasn’t very nice,” said Troy Jones, “there were cinder blocks tied to the side of the dogs head, trying to drown it, and both of it’s legs were tied together.”

“He also found a letter with the dog and it stated that they wanted the animal to die,” said Dareth Stonebraker from the Parke-Vermillion Humane Shelter.

“I heard something whining down by the crick,” said Jones, “I looked over and saw a dog with his head, all was sticking up was part of his nose, mouth trying to get air.”

This is a terrible story with a happy ending.

Serendipity is a young Labrador mix, and she’s been through a lot already. The good news is she is just fine and now has a future.

Good Samaritan, Jones, has been back to the shelter to check on her and Serendipity answered with gratitude; a lick and a tail wag.

This is a shocking story. It is cruelty at it’s worst kind.

Jones says he has a simple message for everyone in the Wabash Valley; whether an animal is being mistreated or left alone, he hopes you’ll remember serendipity.

Neither the shelter nor Jones has any information on who left the dog, but they say if anyone does know anything about Serendipity’s owner, they’d appreciate that information. If anyone knows anything, please come forward.

Serendipity is now up for adoption to a loving home.

 You can read the full story here.