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Labrador News: Dumped Labrador Mix Puppies All Have Homes


Dumped Labrador Mix Puppies All Have HomesLast Friday seventeen Lab mix puppies and their Labrador mother were abandoned in a wooded area near the Indiana Dunes State Park. Good Samaritan, Karen Read, came to their rescue and saved the puppies and the mother dog.

The good news is that all seventeen puppies have families lined up take them home and the mommy Labrador is safe in a foster home.

The pups were all healthy and  estimated to be about six to eight weeks old.

“They’re great little puppies,” said Ashley Hill, dog coordinator for LakeshorePAWS. “They’re hilarious.”

More than 70 applications came in days after the puppies were rescued. Lakeshore PAWS have matched each puppy with a family. The seventeen puppies are all Labrador mixes and will be spayed and neutered before going home with their new families next week.

The Labrador mother is staying with a foster. She is underweight and wary but  expected to be fine with some extra love and care. When she is ready she will be put up for adoption.

Authorities are still searching for those responsible for dumping the mother dog and the puppies. Anyone with information is asked to call Porter County Animal Control at (219) 477-3310.


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