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Labrador News: Deployed Couple’s Labrador Found After Eight Days “On The Run”


Deployed Couple's Labrador FoundAfter eight days “on the run” a military couple’s chocolate Labrador Retriever is home safe.

Cole Chambliss and his wife, Cassie  left their Lab, Fatty, in the care of Cole’s parents while on deployment in Afghanistan. Cole’s parents, Gene and Lori Chambliss, have a Labrador of their own, Buck.

Both Labrador escaped and a friend of the family asked the Log Cabin Democrat to circulate a plea for the community to keep an eye out for them.

Lori said her son was devastated when she told him the dog was missing.

A member of the public spotted the runaway Labradors behind the business she works at.

“My husband ran over there, saw those silly dogs and called them, but Buck ran off and Fatty followed,” Lori said. “We spent the next four hours with several friends searching for them.”

Friends were on foot and in cars, using their cell phones to check in with each other while they canvassed an area.

“One of our friends told us they saw the dogs go behind some houses, and then they disappeared. We lost them,” she said. “Another friend helping us decided he’d go through some nearby woods and zigzag back and forth to see if he could restle something up. Finally he found them and said the dogs were standing there barking at him, not moving, and they were scared to death.”

Lori said as the search party stood at the shoulder at Interstate 40 with the dogs in tow, a rainbow appeared.

“There was a beautiful rainbow. We were all crying. It was perfect,” she said.

She called her daughter-in-law, who was with her son at that moment.

“He was so excited. He wanted to know how we’d keep them from getting out again,” Lori said. “I promised him they wouldn’t be outside again alone, ever.”

After the dogs were found, Cassie said in a quote she provided her mother in law, “It’s such a relief knowing that Fatty will be there to greet us when we get home. It wouldn’t have been the same if he wasn’t there. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and prayers.”

You can read the full story here.


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