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Labrador News: Awesome Brave Black Lab Rappels With Owner


This story was reported by  of About.com on April 8, 2013

Awesome Black Lab Rappels With OwnerHere’s the amazing story about Karma, the awesome and very brave black Labrador, who rappels down cliff-faces with her owner, Darrin:

“Every dog lover wants to take their pooch up in the mountains and even on the rocks. Darrin Reay, a climbing guide with Front Range Climbing Company in Colorado Springs, is, however, taking his dog Karma for more than a mere walk in the park.

Karma, a friendly black Labrador, goes everywhere with Darren and I mean everywhere. “I made this harness for Karma,” says Darrin, “so she can rappel with me. She loves it!” Darrin puts the padded harness on her and suspends it from his own harness, then zips down the rappel rope.

Here’s a photograph Darrin sent me this morning of Karma rappelling with him the other day on the 130-foot rappel from Morning Glory Bridge on the Medieval Chamber canyoneering trip in Negro Bill Canyon near Moab in eastern Utah. Darren, that’s a pretty cool rig…and a brave dog! Thanks for sharing.”