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Labrador News: Labrador Saved After Easter-Egg Binge

Labrador Saved After Easter-Egg Binge
Image: http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/

A chocolate Labrador in the UK was rushed to the vet after eating Easter eggs. Chocolate is highly toxic to dogs.

Duggie, the Labrador, sneaked into a bedroom to steal the potentially life-threatening treats. The Lab was given vomit-inducing injections and fluids to flush out the toxins. He is recovering well.

His owner, Claudia Davis said, “We found him surrounded by torn boxes and silver paper – with no sign of any of the eggs.” The Labrador scoffed seven Easter eggs.

Apparently, this chocolate Lab has always had a sweet tooth. This is also not his first brush with Easter emergencies. Last year he ate six hot-cross buns with currents in them. Currents are harmful to dogs.

Luckily, this Lab’s owner is manager of a veterinary clinic and keeps a constant eye on him.

“Hopefully, his ordeal can serve as a warning to other dog owners to keep chocolate well out of paws’ reach,” said Claudia Davis.

Labradors can pretty mischievous. Enjoy your Easter eggs, but please keep them out of the reach of your Labs.

You can read the full story here.