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Labrador Mix Thrown Off A Bridge Rescued In New Zealand


In New Zealand, a Labrador mix thrown off a bridge was rescued on Wednesday.

At 11p.m. on Wednesday, a witness saw a vehicle (thought to be a Toyota Estima) stop  in the middle of the Wairoa bridge. After that they heard a splash. Then, a dog was seen swimming in the Wairoa River.

Fortunately, the female LabradorShar Pei mix was able to swim to the shore. People in the area quickly came to her rescue, helped her to safety and called the SPCA.

Labrador mix Thrown Off A Bridge Rescued In New ZealandPhoto: Tracy Hardy

The SPCA named the dog Charity.

Tauranga SPCA animal welfare inspector Anna Porteous says, Charity’s owner has since been identified and the dog has been signed over to the SPCA.

“We have made contact with the owner but still require a certain degree of information and require more information from the public to help with this,” Porteous said. “I can’t confirm it was the owner that threw the dog off the bridge, but it wasn’t a case of stolen dog thrown off the bridge.”

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Despite finding Charity’s owner, the SPCA’s reward stills stands for anyone with information that will help with the conviction of the person responsible.

Since her story broke, many people have offered to adopt the LabradorShar Pei mix.

But Anna says Charity is not up for adoption yet because the SPCA first needs to figure her circumstances.

“The dog is doing fine and well, but it isn’t up for adoption as yet. When it does become available we will make that public but currently we aren’t taking names just yet,” she says.


Source: Sun Live