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Labrador Mix Takes Care Of Baby Wallaby


In the United Kingdom, a Labrador mix has adopted a baby wallaby – yet another story that proves that dogs have the biggest hearts.

Poppy, a Labrador mix, has formed an unusual bond with a little baby wallaby after he was rejected by his mother.

For the last nine weeks, the Allen family has taken care of the 9-month-old baby wallaby whom they call Willoughby.

According Apex News, the baby animal has been living a great life at the family’s home. The little guy is hand fed a diet of milk, carrots and apples.

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While all four members of the family help, most of the care has come Poppy, their Labrador mix. The pooch has grown fond of and attached to the motherless marsupial, according to Mandy Allen.

“Being with Poppy is contact for Willoughby,” Mandy said. “Following around another animal is a bit more natural for her than being with us really. It gives her warmth and comfort. Like being in her mother’s pouch.”


Image source: APEX News
Article source: New York Post