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Labrador Mix Saves Elderly Woman In Ireland


Hatchi, a 2 year-old Labrador Retriever mix, has been hailed a Christmas hero for rescuing a pensioner.

An elderly woman suffered a fall in her garden in Wilton, Cork in Ireland. She was unable to get back on her feet and due to the temperature, was at risk of hypothermia.

Denis Twomey, who walks Hatchi for Sheila Coughlan, said the dog sensed something was wrong as they strolled past their house.

Labrador Mix Saves Elderly Woman In Ireland

“We were on our normal route and heading toward the green,” said Thomey, “Then, totally out of the blue, Hatchi stopped dead and wouldn’t budge.”

“This was really out of the ordinary,” he said.

Mr. Twomey immediately thought something was not right.

“Hatchi then began pulling backwards, away from the park. When I moved forward, he took a hold of my trouser leg and pulled me back.”

Concerned, Mr. Twomey decided to check up the house.

“I decided to ring the house bell as I am familiar with the elderly neighbor there,” he said.

When nobody answered, he looked over the side gate where he heard moans coming from the garden.

He rushed to the elderly woman who was lying on the ground – freezing.

Hatchi has been awarded Dog of the Month by Cork animal behavior expert.

“This took superior intelligence, fantastic problem solving-abilities and an empathy level that people often assume is missing in dogs,” she said.


Source: Independent – Ireland