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Labrador Mix Rescued After Climbing A Tree


Labrador Mix Rescued After Climbing A TreeIt’s not odd for Officer Bedell, or most officers, to receive calls to rescue cats stuck in trees. But a full grown dogstuck in a tree? Now that’s unusual!

Officer Bedell was summoned last Sunday morning after people spotted a 50 pound Labrador mix stuck 12 to 15 feet up in a leaning maple tree.

It such an awkward scene, Lieutenant Hannah recalls. He arrived at the scene to check the progress of two officers, Officer Bedell and Officer Hirko, as they tried to free the poor pooch from the clutches of its branchy wily wooden captor.

First they tried to coax the scared dog down. But that didn’t work, so rookie Officer Hirko climbed the tree instead, and tried luring the dog down with tasty snack —a meat sandwich. But it didn’t work either.

It was time for reinforcements and a new strategy. The dog’s owner joined the rescue and with a little stretch of imagination, the Lieutenant and Officer Bedell came through. They stretched a blanket below and nearby as Hirko stood in the line of fire in the battle above: between the doggie’s appetite and his fear of heights.

Hirko stayed up, patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity. And when it came, he was quick to grab a tree branch and smack the dog in the butt, causing the startled dog to jump into the improvised net held by his fellow officers below.

Because of the officers’ bravery, dedication to the call of duty, and teamwork, the luckless Lab escaped shaken, but otherwise unscathed.

The only casualty was the Lieutenant’s boot which brought along something with it as they walked out of the woods. At first, they thought it was mud. But no, it sure didn’t smell like mud.

Shaking his head and then looking at the Labrador mix, it was easy to figure out what it actually was.

A while after leaving the scene satisfied with their victory, it suddenly struck the officers. How exactly does the dog climb a tree?


Image and article source: WTVC News