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Labrador Mix Protects Family’s Home From Burglar


In Seattle, a hero Labrador mix protected her family’s home from a burglar.

On October 19, Emily Mosites was out of the house when a burglar attempted to break in. Egypt, her 6-year-old Labrador mix, was inside the house. At the sight of the intruder, the Labrador mix charged at him to protect her home. Egypt scared the man off but cut her paws on shattered glass as she charged at the window and broke it.

“When she gets mad her fur goes up and she seems rabid, so I’m picturing that’s what happened here,” said Emily.

A neighbor saw a man running away from Emily’s home, which is located in the 4100 block of 43rd Street South. She knew it didn’t seem right and called 911.

When police arrived at Emily’s home, they found a broken window and heard a dog barking inside.

“She’s pretty protective. She likes to make sure that everyone knows where her home zone is by alerting them — normally just with barking, not normally with charging,” Emily said.

The police officers found glass on the ground outside so they knew the window was broken from inside. They also heard a dog barking and saw blood inside the house leading them to believe the dog or suspect was hurt.

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“They could have said, ‘Oh, there’s a dog inside but it’s fine’ because she could have been fine. She could have just been fine,” said Emily. “I’m so glad they took the step to say ‘Well, she could be hurt.'”

One of the officers crawled through the shattered window and found the poor Labrador curled up in the bathroom – whimpering in pain and bleeding.

The officers immediately fetched medical supplies and bandaged Egypt’s wounds.

“Egypt was doing her job which was to protect our house which she has always thought of as her job so she was doing great and I’m very glad that she did that, but I’m more glad that police took the initiative to come inside and look for her because she was really hurt,” the grateful owner said.

Egypt cut through tendons in her paws and was treated at the veterinarian. The brave Labrador is back home and likely still guarding everything and everyone around her – even with bandages.

“She’s very, very sweet but she’s always definitely patrolling our house,” Emily said.

If you’d like to help pay Egypt’s medical expenses, click here.


Image and article source: KOMO News