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Labrador Mix Loves Riding On The Back Of His Owner’s Motorcycle!


This rescued dog is living the life! The Labrador mix just lover riding on the back of her owner’s motorcycle!

She has the best view as she gets to feel the wind in his cheeks going on adventures with her human who rescued her.

Kevin Delaney considers Roxy, a LabradorBoxer mix, his soulmate, but Delaney’s friend and housemate, Paul Handsaker, has another term for it.

“They’re like an old married couple,” Handsakersays.

Roxy is so attached to Delaney that she doesn’t like him riding his motorcycle without her.

“It’s so much trust, is what it is with her and me,” Delaney said. “I have to trust her, that she won’t make a wrong move. And she trusts me to make all the right moves.”

Roxy loves travelling around with Delaney. She has accompanied him on many excursions on his ATVs and in cars.

When he got a motorcycle, without a sidecar, five years ago, he didn’t even consider letting her ride on it.

“It was the only rig that I had that she figured out she doesn’t get to go,” he said.

Roxy sulked and decided to prove that she could also ride on the motorcycle.

The day before Delaney was to leave for a 2010 motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, he appeased his travel-junkie dog by putting her on the back seat of the motorcycle and taking her for a short ride around the block.

Even though the seat was a little slippery for the pooch, Roxy handled it pretty well, he said.

The next day, he added some dog food and supplies to the gear he’d already packed, and took her with him!

“She figured out that way that if she could go on that bike, she could go on every rig that we had,” Delaney said, “so she wouldn’t be left home.”

See the Labrador mix ride on a dog bed – sporting a bandana and goggles to match her owner’s. She can tell when he’s packing for a trip and helps get her own stuff ready.

Sometimes they cover more than 400 miles in a single day.

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“I think that’s a lot to ask out of a dog,” Delaney said. “To sit in one spot and not make any drastic move.”

A daring dog like her is sure to attract fans and admirers. According to Delaney, people ask him what would happen if Roxy were to fall, but he doesn’t think that will ever happen since Roxy sits with the arm rest wrapped around her side. If it were ever to happen, he thinks he would be able to catch the pooch as she slipped.

While on the road, Roxy often rests her head on Delaney’s right shoulder. Sometimes, she falls asleep that way.

“I have to wake her up to enjoy the scenery,” Delaney said.

Delaney got the motorcycle mutt when she was only 6 months old from a friend who had rescued her from the pound, where she was a day away from being euthanized.

Now he’s really happy to have her as his constant companion – especially on his Harley Davidson.

“The most interesting thing about riding with Roxy is the part where you cheer up everybody,” Delaney said. “If they’re not having a good day and they look over in traffic and they see me and Roxy on that bike, they just immediately put on a smile, and the thumbs come up, and the cameras come out.”

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Source: Idaho State Journal